COVID-19 News Digest: Week of May 18, 2020

Here is this week’s selection of thought-provoking readings and resources that we’ve found useful for navigating the philanthropic response to the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Racial Equity Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities for Philanthropic Response. | An informative resource from the Bridgespan Group to help funders avoid and reverse racial bias in the funding process in response to the crisis. “…prioritizing racial equity will help funders maximize the impact of their giving. A race-neutral approach would fail to account for the ways that existing disparities and structural racism affect outcomes.”
  • The Hunger Pains of a Pandemic – empty stomachs can lead to a dangerous desperation. | A heart-wrenching article by Charles M. Blow in the New York Times on the severity of hunger exasperated by the pandemic. “People will be hungry. They already are. And, hunger is not a thing that you simply become inured to. It makes people desperate, and desperation, on the scale that it will likely occur because of this pandemic, is dangerous.”