Infusing Nonprofits with Oxygen

The O2 Sabbatical Award for exceptional San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit leaders has announced their inspiring 2017 Awardees.  O2 was founded by two visionary philanthropists in partnership with Hirsch & Associates Philanthropic Advisors.

We are deeply committed to strengthening high-impact nonprofit organizations and public-private partnerships.  Hirsch & Associates directed more than $100 million in philanthropic gifts last year to make our communities stronger.  When called for, we create signature initiatives such as the O2 Sabbatical Award.  We are proud that Hirsch & Associates Senior Associate Emily Cohen Raskin serves as the stellar Executive Director of O2 Initiatives.

Now, more than ever, Hirsch & Associates and O2 Initiatives are committed to supporting those who have tirelessly dedicated their lives to igniting positive change in our communities.  


O2 Initiatives Announces Their 2017 Sabbatical Award Recipients

O2 Initiatives has announced the new recipients of their annual O2 Sabbatical Award. The O2 Sabbatical Awardhonors the commitment and accomplishments of exceptional San Francisco Bay Area leaders by providing them with a much-needed break for personal and professional reinvigoration.

The 2017 Awardees are:

Please join us in congratulating these extraordinary leaders who are strengthening our communities in the Bay Area and beyond.  They are disrupting cycles of poverty for vulnerable children; helping youth become global citizens and advocates for social change; housing and supporting low-income families, seniors and the homeless; providing a safe space and safety net services for the LGBTQ community; fighting for better wages and working conditions for our nation’s lowest paid workers; and advancing the rights of global refugees.

Now more than ever, O2 Initiatives is committed to supporting those who have tirelessly dedicated their lives to igniting positive change.Sabbaticals recharge high-performing executive directors and advance leadership capacity throughout their organizations. The result is stronger leaders, smarter teams, and more resilient organizations.

If you know a non-profit executive director who would benefit from a sabbatical, please share this announcement with them.  O2 Initiatives will begin accepting applications for their next round of awards this summer.

The O2 Sabbatical Award was inspired by the Durfee Foundation and their learning about the value of Creative Disruption.