Signature Initiatives

Signature Initiatives have been a hallmark of our work over the past decade. If you want to develop an innovative philanthropic program, Hirsch & Associates can help you design, implement, and manage a high-impact initiative that creates change.

With our deep knowledge and experience of the nonprofit and public sectors, we serve as your strategic partner, determining ways to bring the right resources at the right time to the complex community challenges you hope to address. Examples of our signature initiatives include:

  • City Fields Foundation: Working with brothers Bob, Bill, and John Fisher, Hirsch & Associates created and managed the City Fields Foundation to lead an innovative public-private partnership addressing the severe shortage of athletic fields in underserved neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. In partnership with the SF Recreation and Parks Department, City Fields successfully renovated nine parks over ten years, resulting in more than 90,000 additional hours of annual play time for San Francisco’s kids.
  • Hellman Fellows: We worked with philanthropist Warren Hellman and his family to meet a critical need in the UC system–early-career support to promising junior university faculty members. For more than a decade, our team has managed and expanded the successful Hellman Fellows program, which has supported hundreds of driven young faculty members who have added significant value to their campus communities and the broader academic world by becoming tenured professors, department chairs, and even MacArthur Geniuses.
  • Hellman Collaborative Change Initiative: Warren Hellman believed that our community has the best chance to solve tough problems when we come together and combine the power of diverse ideas and perspectives. Building on this approach, we worked with the Hellman Foundation to develop and launch the the Hellman Collaborative Change Initiative (HCCI) to bolster the work of collaborative ventures to reach ambitious goals for positive community change in areas ranging from healthy eating to supporting African American high school students to make it to and through college.
  • O2 Initiatives: In 2014 we worked with two donors to make their vision of strengthening the Bay Area’s nonprofit sector become a reality. We designed, implemented, and continue to manage the O2 Sabbatical Award program. The program provides exceptional nonprofit executive directors with the rare resource of time while strengthening the bench of their organizations and establishing a peer network of leaders who are shaping the nonprofit sector in the Bay Area and beyond.
  • Plan Ahead: Our community insights and cross-sector expertise allowed us to successfully manage a strategic initiative between two corporate foundations—Gap, Inc. and the Pearson Foundation—and the San Francisco Unified School District to design and implement a groundbreaking college and career readiness curriculum.  The curriculum is now being taught to every ninth-grade student in San Francisco’s public school district.